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We’re are a full fledged technology provider

Our competency lies in our ability to keep our word as well as our passion for professionalism.

We deliver a full set of services to keep your IT infrastructure reliable with on-going infrastructure administration, continuous monitoring, and prompt troubleshooting.
Networking & Security
Our competence lies in providing Network and Security services that safeguard your networks and detects threats before a breach occurs.
Software Development
We develop custom enterprise software solutions to address the unique needs of your business.

What we are about?

ATB Tech is an IT Solutions delivery Company incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 to undertake and provide various IT and advisory services to the banking and manufacturing sectors of the Nigerian economy, including Government departments & agencies as well as educational institutions.

Our Products


NotchCX CRM is a client experience platform that simplifies, automates and pulls Marketing, sales and Client management efforts, to collectively accelerate organisation growth and profitability.

Fin'ratus - Apparatus For Finance And Lending

Finratus, derived from Financial Apparatus is an all-encompassing Savings and Lending management software that broadly covers the full lifecycle for easy Lending and Microfinance Banking.

With all your complexities reduced, Finratus promotes easy integration to minimize the costs associated with managing multiple systems.

MyXalary HR & Payroll platform

Myxalary is a full stack software that offers Time tracking, Payroll, and Attendance, all in one place...for free.

MyXalary enables you to track time, do payrolls, monitor productivity, pension payment, and tax payment. This means that with one platform, you can efficiently work through the day with no stress.

We've partnered with technologically innovative companies in order to deliver secure, efficient and fast services.

We are privileged to be working with some of the most well-known companies, and we don’t take this lightly!