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As a DevOps consulting company, we provide cloud-based services encompassing several capabilities, such as on-demand workload management, iterative and incremental development, security, lightweight architecture, and automated testing.

Utilizing the most advanced automation, development, and implementation methods, our DevOps consulting services will help you dramatically improve your work processes. Our team has extensive experience bringing together development and operations teams.

How We Work

Assessment, Planning & Strategy Development

As part of our DevOps Assessment process, we visualize the stated status and identify the metrics that can be tracked.

Pilot Framework Design

Using our robust open-source and licensed software ecosystem, we leverage and integrate your existing tools.

Process Implementation

Based on the specifications, we analyze, design, build, automate, and implement solutions.

CI/CD Pipeline

We bridge the Dev-Ops gap by combining continuous development, continuous testing, and continuous integration.

Process Automation

Buildings, quality checks, test cases, security, and other aspects of code generation are automated.

Security Integration

With 'Security as Code,' we integrate security from end to end using DevSecOps.

What You Get

Enhanced service

The DevOps team at ATB Tech helps you automate processes and tasks that are fundamental to providing high-quality customer service. In order for your services to run continuously, without interruption, we will help you establish and maintain a robust infrastructure.

Effectively-managed IT systems

Our team will help you implement responsive scaling and provide cost-effective support. Implementing changes faster and deploying updates more frequently will reduce your product or service's Time to Value, reduce TCO, and improve your working environment.

Improved operations and scalability

You can scale your infrastructure and resources on demand with our DevOps consulting services, enabling you to be more agile and efficient. Additionally, we'll help you implement a disaster recovery strategy that ensures your operational resilience and agility.

Cut down development lifecycle

You can focus your development resources on key business goals by outsourcing your infrastructure configuration and support to our DevOps experts. Your development goals will be met much more efficiently and quickly if you distribute resources efficiently - reducing costs and time-to-market.

Agile and faster time-to-market

The DevOps services we provide will allow you to take full advantage of the cloud while optimizing your internal resources. We offer DevOps as a service (DaaS) to simplify your data flow, enhance documentation, and improve quality control by automating deployment cycles.

Secured data

Using our DevOps consulting services, you can ensure the security and stability of your infrastructure, by implementing centralized monitoring, logging, and proactive alerting. Keeping an eye on your resources and processes will provide you with the visibility you need to run your infrastructure environment efficiently.

Tools & Technologies

  • MongoDB,
  • MySQL,
  • InnoDB,
  • PostgressSQL,
  • Clickhouse MariaDB,
  • Amazon Aurora,
  • Percona,
  • Scylla DB,
  • MS SQL
Cloud providers
  • Microsoft Azure,
  • Amazon AWS, and others.
  • Appache Kafka,
  • RabbitMQ,
  • Redis,
  • Apache Cassandra,
  • MinIo,
  • ELK Stack,
  • Istio,
  • Memcached,
  • Kiali and Others
  • Jenkins,
  • GitHub,
  • GitLab,
  • Bitbucket Pipelines,
  • Teamcity,
  • CircleCI,
  • DroneCI,
  • ArgoCD,
  • Flux,
  • Travis CI and Others.
Containers & Orchestration
  • Compose,
  • Docker,
  • Kubernetes and others
Configuration Management
  • Chef,
  • Ansible,
  • Puppet and others.
  • Google Stackdriver,
  • Datadog,
  • Prometheus,
  • Amazon Cloudwatch,
  • Grafana,
  • InfluxDB,
  • PagerDuty and others.
Infrastructure Provisioning
  • AWS CloudFormation,
  • Pulumi,
  • Terraform and others.