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Myxalary is a full stack software that offers Time tracking, Payroll, and Attendance, all in one place...for free.

MyXalary enables you to track time, do payrolls, monitor productivity, pension payment, and tax payment. This means that with one platform, you can efficiently work through the day with no stress.

Payroll Platform

Payroll shouldn't take hours. No matter the size of your team; run your payroll seamlessly and pay your employees in real-time with MyXalary.

Basic Features
  • Custom Salary Schemes
  • Remit Tax and Pension
  • Track Hours

Time to ditch the spreadsheet. Our tool makes scheduling so easy you would even enjoy doing it. Our desktop and mobile app help your team track hours from anywhere –whether they’re remote, in the field, or at the office.

Basic Features
  • App Clock In/Out
  • Attendance Machine Clock In/Out
Time Tracking

A time tracking and employee monitoring software that facilitates Managers to monitor the achievements of their workforce while they work around the clock.

Basic Features
  • Powerful Time-sheets
  • Screenshots
  • Time use reminders
  • Browser History Tracking

Everything you need to run Payroll like clockwork

Track hours

By syncing time tracking, activity levels and attendance, every second worked is automatically pulled into MyXalary’s payroll solution.

Custom Salary Schemes

Easily create multiple salary schemes based on the peculiarity of your team and enable prompt and efficient salary payment

Salary Changes

When an employee gets an increase in pay, that change is automatically synced to payroll

Remit Taxes

Sit back while we file your payroll taxes for you. Stay updated as employment regulations change. We’ll provide resources and support to help you stay compliant.

Remit Pension

Prepare your employees for retirement without a sweat. Don't be deterred by the complexities of a defined benefit pension package. Calculate and remit employee pension in real-time.

Why You Should Use Myxalary Attendance Management

App Clock in/out

Download MyX3 App from PlayStore or Appstore. Just login to the app to clock in and clock out at anytime. Employees can view their attendance report over a period.

Attendance Machine Clock in/out.

With our supported Attendance machine, your employees can clock in/out using their ID CARDs, Biometrics (Finger Print and Facial) and using their employee number. The machine is integrated into the Attendance module of MyXalary for real time capturing. Attendance report also can be safely exported from the Attendance Machine and uploaded to the MyXalary Portal.

Some Features Of Time Tracking System Of Myxalary


Get detailed timesheets for your whole team. With MyXalary, you can receive daily and weekly reports with hours, websites and application usage, task breakdowns and more. These insights will allow you to identify productivity weaknesses.


Monitor exactly what your team is doing and how. Identify time-wasting, distractions, and inefficiencies. Screenshots of employee monitors can be taken at whatever time interval you specify (or turned off).


Employees get pop-up alerts if they sit idle for too long, or if they stray onto a non-work app or website.


Payroll doesn't need to be complicated. Easily pay your people for their hard work using tracked hours and pay rates.


When an employee gets an increase in pay, that change is automatically synced to payroll.


Now monitor your employees web browsing activity, record their every single visited website address, web page title and the number of times the single web page has been visited.